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sr began as a mobile portal in September 2004 and was turned into a web portal in December 2005. The portal carries news, sports and entertainment stories and has a "Mondo TV" section with short news clips. The portal appears to be owned by Telekom Srbija, although the exact ownership structure is not clear.

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1986717 visits

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Free Content

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Telekom Srbija


Ownership Structure appears to be owned by Telekom Srbija, the publicly-owned national telecommunications company.

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Republic of Serbia

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Predrag Vujic

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During his early career as a journalist, Predrag Vujic worked with the BETA news agency. He has no other relevant known interests or affiliations.

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Danijela Pasic

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Danijela Pasic is listed as the info (news) editor on the portal


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While it is widely assumed and/or known that the owner of is Telekom Srbija, the public telecommunications company, clear evidence of this ownership structure is limited. The portal's Impressum makes no reference to this, and the annual reports of Telekom Srbija make no clear reference to ownership over even if they do mention the portal in passing. On the website of Telekom Srbija ( there is a tab called "our websites", which lists as their website. Crucially, the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) lists Telekom Srbija as the registrant for the domain While this strongly indicates that Telekom Srbija is the owner of, there is no further information about ownership structure.
In the course of the research there were suggestion that Wireless Media Ltd maybe associated either in the management or the ownership of the site but these were impossible to verify.

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