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As a CNN’s affiliate in the Balkans, N1 is a news portal launched in October 2014. It is part of the United Group, the largest alternative telecom provider in the region that operates in two main business segments: telecommunication platforms and media (content and advertising). A lot has been invested in the visual and content wise news production led by renowned journalists. It serves as an online publishing platform for N1 cable TV, which is the only station reporting critically towards the government and its moves. Many intellectuals and opposition leaders are praising their work for being the only ones to report on corruptive practices that other media do not dare to. Its and TV's official launch was preceded by negotiations between the Serbian government and former CIA director David Petraeus and former US Ambassador to Serbia, Cameron Munter. According to Gemius research in March 2017, it had 5,835,058 page views and 1,941,267 visits.

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1,941,267 visits

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United Group


Ownership Structure

KKR and EBRD own N1 news portal through United Group B.V. in the Netherlands, which owns United Group RS in Belgrade which is a direct owner of N1 online and TV.

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United Group

Affiliated Interests Founder

Founded in 2007, United Group is the largest alternative telecom provider in the region that operates in two main business segments: telecommunication platforms and media (content and advertising). It is providing television, Internet, fixed and mobile telephony to a large number of households and offices in the region through its cable, DTH and OTT platforms. The group companies also offer data and voice services, as well as certified managed services to small, medium and large companies. In 2013, the group started its worldwide OTT platform, NetTV Plus, through which it provides PayTV and fixed telephony services to the former Yugoslav diaspora. Following the launch of N1 TV and online, the Group also bought majority share in Grand production (turbo-folk production house) in Serbia. It is owned by KKR and EBRD.


Brent Sadler

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Brent Sadler is the award-winning, internationally recognised journalist, a former CNN Senior International Correspondent. He joined CNN in 1991 after 10 years as a news reporter for the British network of Independent Television News (ITN). Sadler was ITN's Middle East correspondent for more than four years and also worked for two years as an ITN senior reporter. He then became CNN's bureau chief in Beirut and in Rome. He moved from news in 2009 to take on CNN's feature programming in the region, providing exclusive access for "Inside The Middle East" and "Inside Africa". He is married to a Serbian woman — Jelena Sadler, who is a former News Producer for CNN in the former Yugoslavia and the Middle East and a former Director of Operations for the Beirut Media Centre in Beirut. Jelena is part of the executive team of the N1 television news channel.


Jugoslav Cosic

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Jugoslav Cosic is a renowned Serbian journalist who worked for numerous media outlets (Radio 202, Radio Beograd 2, TV Politika, TV B92, Radio Free Europe) and received numerous awards. He is most famous for launching the first hard talk political show in the country on B92.

Other Important People

Dragan Solak, Cameron Munter and David Petraeus

Affiliated Interests other important people

Dragan Solak founded SBB in 2002. This leading cable operator in Serbia is now part of United Group. He serves as Chairman of the Board of United Group B.V. He served as Managing Director of United Group B.V. Solak serves as the Executive Chairman of Managing Board at Broadband Investment S.à r.l. He continues to be involved in all aspects of the business and is responsible for the overall strategic leadership of the Group.

David Petraeus is Chairman of the KKR Global Institute. This retired U.S. General and former director of the CIA, visited Belgrade twice before the N1 TV launch, meeting all relevant media people in a bigger gathering at the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, but also the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Cameron Munter who was the US Ambassador to Serbia later, from 2007-2009 worked as a consultant for United Group.


Omladinskih brigada 86p

11070 Belgrade, Serbia

Tel: +381 11 400 2000





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