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Newsweek Serbia

Newsweek Serbia is a syndicated Serbian edition of the prestigious Newsweek Magazine USA. Founded in 2015, Newsweek Serbia was introduced by Adria Media Group in Belgrade which is owned by Aleksandar Rodic. Its first edition made a breakthrough by featuring a first ever interview with the first Serbian military officer who was fired after openly admitting to be transgender and then undergoing surgery. Its editorial policy is mostly geared towards shedding light on some unusual phenomena of human interest stories and it remains critical towards the government. Having started as a weekly, it changed to a monthly publication as of July 2016.

Adria Media Group, announced on 1st of August that as of August 2017 magazine due financial problems and political pressure ceases publishing.

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Adria Media Group


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Newsweek Serbia is published by Adria Media Group, owned by Aleksandar Rodic.

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Aleksandar Rodic

Affiliated Interests Founder

Aleksandar Rodic is the son of Radisav Rodic, founder of the Kurir tabloid. Aleksandar is a controversial Serbian businessman who owns many media companies. Aleksandar Rodic has been in the media business since 2009, when he took over the management of Kurir daily paper following his father's arrest. Under his management, Kurir has maintained close ties with every government with seldom ups and downs. This has subsequently led to the company's growth. In 2014, Aleksandar Rodic spread the business by acquiring Adria Media Group, the largest media group in the Balkans which publishes Elle, National Geographic, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health etc.


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Milorad Ivanovic

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Milorad Ivanovic is the Editor-in-chief of the Serbian edition of Newsweek magazine.

He was previously deputy Editor-in-Chief in Blic daily and executive editor in Novi magazine weekly. He has a special interest in investigative and cross-border journalism. Ivanovic has also worked as a correspondent for the French news agency EPN. Milorad is on the board of SCOOP, a network of investigative journalists working in East and South-eastern Europe. He is the contact person for the Western Balkans of the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma.

Milorad has had articles published in such international newspapers as The Sunday, Times in the UK, El Mundo in Spain, Der Standard in Austria and the Washington Times. Milorad co-produced Hidden Wounds, a documentary film on post-traumatic stress disorder which was made in co-operation with the BBC. His investigations have included work on human trafficking, the employment of Balkan mercenaries by British and US security firms in Iraq, and arms trafficking from Ukraine into Serbia.

In 2007 Milorad was selected for the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence. Ivanovic is also an advisor of SEEMO, a network of editors and media managers and an affiliate of the International Press Institute.


Vlajkoviceva 8

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Tel: + 381 11 6357 100

E- mail:


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