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Maxim Media Group

Maxim Media Group

Maxim Media Group is the term used loosely for the purposes of this study and consist of two companies Maxim Media and Maxim Media Plus owned by the Krdzic family. Both companies were unfamiliar to the public until Ruzica Krdzic privatized Studio B through Maxim Media in 2015. Other company, Maxim Media Plus owns all radio stations – national Hit FM, radio-television TDI broadcasting throughout Serbia, Radio Karolina and Radio Jat.

During 2015 and 2016 Belgrade’s City Authorities and the Ministry of information and culture granted 44 Mio RSD (0.41 Mio $) to media outlets owned by Maxim Media and Maxim Media Plus.  Productions linked to Studio B’s relatives and family members were granted 30 Mio RSD (0.27 Mio $).

Studio B alone received 23 Mio RSD in 2015 -  a third of its privatization value and more than half of the whole grant. Three months before the city of Belgrade would announce the public tender for media projects, Milos Krdzic registered music production Magic records. This production would later receive 8 Mio RSD (0.07 Mio $) on this tender.

The city of Belgrade granted four other newly found productions – I Frame ( 6.5 Mio RSD/0.06 $),  Avanty Production (5.5 Mio RSD/0.05$),  Brender (7.5 Mio RSD/0.06 $) and Irik (9 Mio RSD/0.08 $)  all linked to Studio B and Maxim Media. During the same year Ministry of culture and information granted three local radios ( TDI Seven Nis, Radio Stari Ras and Radio BIS ) with around 2 Mio RSD (0.02 $). Radio Stari Ras and TDI Seven are owned by Milos Krdzic while Radio BIS’s offices are restarted in Alekse Nenadovica 19-22 Street same as Maxim Media. 

Speculations of Maxim Media’s engagement in construction business occurred after TV N1 reported about Studio B owners building without licence. Maxim Media advertises direct sale of luxurious apartments in the Belgrade’s high-ranked neighborhood Dedinje at the time. 

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form


Business Sectors

Media, Real-estate


Individual Owner

Milos and Ruzica Krdzic

Owners of Studio B and several radio stations with national and regional coverage (Radio TDI, Radio HIT FM, Radio Jat, Radio Karolina). Milos and Ruzica bought Studio B in October 2015 for 530.000 EUR, investing an additional 350.000 EUR in the next two years. Maxim Media, the company that owns Studio B, received around 230.000 EUR the following month trough the public financing call for media projects from the City of Belgrade.

Media Outlets

Media Business

Music Production

Magic records



Maxim Media

International Business

TDI Crna Gora

General Information

Founding Year

Maxim Media 2007 Maxim Media Plus 2015


Milos Krdzic

Affiliated Interests Founder

Milos Krdzic owns several radio stations including Radio HIT FM, Radio Jat, Radio Karolina and Radio TD and Music production agency Magic records (50%). Reportedly, he started selling CD's and at the moment leads several media with his wife Ruzica Krdzic, the owner of Studio B. Editorial changes on Studio B and larger amounts that media owned by the Krdzic's received in the past few years indicate close connections to the Serbian Progressive Party.




 Alekse Nenadovica 19-21, 11000 Beograd


Tax/ ID Number

Maxim Media: ID Number: 20288027 Tax Number: 104984713 Maxim Media Plus: ID Number: 21083879 Tax Number: 108868753

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

1.5 Mio $ /160 Mio RSD

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

0.6 Mio $/655 Mio RSD

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing Data

Further Information

Meta Data

Revenue and Operating profit refer only to Maxim Media. The other company, Maxim Media Plus was found in 2015 and still doesn't have publicly available financial reports. Both Maxim Media and Maxim Media Plus do not have a website.

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