Milos and Ruzica Krdzic

Milos and Ruzica Krdzic
Ruzica i Milos Krdzic, Photo: Milena Andjela/Vecernje Novosti

Although in the media business for more than 20 years, it’s clear now that Krdzic's are playing for the Vucic's team.  The family caught attention of the public after privatization of Studio B in 2015.  Shortly after this media received third of the investment on the public tender for media projects organized by the City of Belgrade. Similar scenario happened during 2016, when newly found productions  made of Studio B's relatives and family members all linked to the Krdzic’s gathered around 0.33 Mio $ (36.5 Mio RSD) on the public tender for media projects.

City of Belgrade granted 60% (248.058$) of the total amount to Studio B, Radio Hit FM and Radio Karolina's projects in 2015. Support worthy 0.02 Mio $ (2.5 Mio RSD) came from Ministry of Information for Radio Jat, Radio TDI, and national HIT FM's projects. After the support of public funds came in editorial policy changed as well transforming Studio B from city’s information service to herald of Belgrade Waterfront.

It seems like Krdzic couple couldn’t gain such a support during 2006 when allocation of national frequencies was conducted. TDI is still regional radio although Milos Krdzic offered to invest 400.000 EUR in the program back in 2006. in return of national coverage. Krdzic would have to wait for national coverage until 2015 when HIT FM started broadcasting on Roadstar Radio's frequency.

Krdzic's were unfortunate with competition as well. When a bomb exploded in front of Radio TDI back in 2008 Ruzica Krdzic revealed how pirate radio station was threatening them for two years. She mentioned Uros Ignjacevic as the owner of this radio and portal supposedly supported and financed by Telekom. However, the Court decided in favor of Krdzic's sentencing radio for illegal broadcasting*.

Now Krdzic's have some illegal issues of their own - Building under construction in Belgrad's high-class neighborhood Dedinje. Even though failed to obtain the license the couple continued with the construction advertising luxurious apartments for sale. Maybe they won’t need a license after all, since the new Law on legalization is under the parliamentary procedure at the time after whom everything will be considered legal.

* Uros Ignjevic contacted Mom Team in June 2018 explaining that Krdzic’s allegations about him having a pirate radio station involved in a bombing were untrue. After Ignjevic and his business associates sued Krdzic in 2008, The First Basic Court of Belgrade found Ruzica Krdzic guilty of slender, meaning that she misinformed the public on the press conference and harmed reputation and honour of Uros Ignjevic, Milorad Ignjevic, Uros’s father and the general manager of the radio station at the time and Igor Mihaic, radio’s director.

Ignjevic explained to BIRN how this event is still a mystery for him and that he has no idea why Kridzic linked Radio TDI  with the bomb exploding in front of Krdzic’s office. Ignjevic mentioned that he never met Krdzic and had no memory of any other court cases involving him and the Krdzics.

BIRN didn’t manage to contact Ruzica Krdzic for comment.

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